Wrights Equipment Flyer May-June 2019

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KaVo Digital Imaging

OP 3D 3 Available as a 2D Pan or 2D/3D 3 Fast Scan for 2D panoramic images in just 9 seconds 3 ORTHOfocus™ for automatic recognition of the most suitable image layer in 2D panoramic images 3 4 freely positionable volumes: 5 x ø 5, 6 x ø 9, 9 x ø 11 and (optional) 9 x ø 14 cm 3 SMARTVIEW™ 2.0 for precise volume positioning and highly flexible number of FOV sizes 3 4 image resolutions for 3D (Low Dose, Standard, High-Res, Endo 3 QUICKcompose™ feature for fast image review automatically after scan is completed

OP 3D Pro 3 2D / 3D Combo device upgradeable with Ceph 3 Very low radiation doses with Low Dose Technology™ 3 Maximum flexibility with 5 volume sizes up to FOV 13 x Ø 15 cm* and 4 resolutions 3 Ability to compensate for incorrect patient positioning and difficult anatomies with Multilayer feature providing five panoramic images with only one scan 3 Automatically obtaining the most optimum panoramic image layer with ORTHOfocus™ 3 Simple, intuitive operation thanks to the new touch panel user interface 3 Proven modular concept for maximum investment reliability

Personal, Convenient, Reliable



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