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ORBIT VEST Phosphate-bonded refractory die material for the direct layering of ceramic materials for the manufacture of inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers.

OPTIGLAZE COLOUR A light-cured characterization coating for indirect composite and acrylic restorations. Ready to use light-curing nano-filled coating liquids that give you the possibility to add long-lasting color and surface gloss in an extremely easy way. .Thin 25-50 m coating layer. High discoloration resistance. .High wear resistance. .Excellent bonding durability.

GC800035 - Powder - CR/V, 33g x30 GC800036 - Powder - Inlay, 33g x30 GC800037 - Liquid 200ml

GC008408 - Set



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GC INITIAL INMETALBOND Buffer between Initial metal ceramics and dental alloys. INmetalbond is used as a thin layer between the alloy and the first Opaque layer. The INmetalbond blocks the escaping metal oxides and neutralizes differences in the expansion coefficient.

INITIAL IQ LUSTRE PASTE NF "New Formula" Lustre Pastes are available in ready to use jars and have become universal in use since they are nowmatched to both "low" and "high" CTE ceramics. Improved pastes with a finer thixotropic property for easy and precise application. The 3-dimensional ceramic stains have been developed to bring colour deepness and lifelike translucency to the Initial IQ Press and Layering systems, but also to all other ceramics of the GC Initial range.

GC877050 - Refill Paste 4g x2

GC877078 - Set



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