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DENTOLUXX V Acrylic Teeth have been created to match as closely as possible the vitality and functional efficiency of natural dentition. Produced with state-of-the-art technology, the DENTOLUXX V line provides craze and abrasion resistance, translucency, opalescence and color fastness. DENTOLUXX V ‘s extremely consistent shades are available in all 15 shades of the Vita® tooth range. AVAILABLE TODAY!

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Dentorium Convertible Acrylic

5lb AC525A AC526A AC527A AC528A AC529A 5lb AC530A AC531A AC532A AC533A AC534A $77.95

10lb AC525B AC526B AC527B AC528B AC529B 10lb AC530B AC531B AC532B AC533B AC534B $145

25lb AC525C AC526C AC527C AC528C AC529C 25lb AC530C AC531C AC532C AC533C AC534C $359.95

Heat Cure Light Veined Veined Red Veined Dark Veined Clear Cold Cure Light Veined Veined Red Veined Dark Veined Clear

1lb AC525 AC526 AC527 AC528 AC529 1lb AC530 AC531 AC532 AC533 AC534 $17.95

Heat Cure


High quality heat cure acrylic. Features a higher impact strength than other conventional denture bases, with a silky smooth flow over an extended period. The material has a 50 minute working time and a 20 minute curing time. Cadmium free. Has superb results with the injection moulding technique. Available in 1, 5, 10 and 25lbs.

Cold Cure

A high quality self-curing repair material. Specially designed to create an exact colour match to the heat cure denture base. Is non-porous and features excellent colour stability, bond strength and high durablity.






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