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EuropaB Evo Fractional vacuum steam autoclave to sterilize your instruments.

Pura Osmosis System Pura reverse osmosis system ensures you to use pefectly purified water. Guaranteeing safe sterilization, protection of the instruments, and longer life time of the autoclave. Pura Plus filters are valid for 800 cycles.

• Built in printer. • Pura plus connection. • Night cycle. • Safety devices on autoclave door. • Automatic baric alignment. • PID system. TEC0009

ONLY £2,795

ONLY £495.00


Onyx5 & Onyx7 New generation class B autoclave at the most affordable conditions. A high level autoclave that carries the latst innovations and ensure continuity in your service:

• Patented PID system for self- adjustment. • Validation at every user cycle. • SD Card.

• Low consumption. • Baric alignement. • Fast and partial cycles. • Pre heating System. • Pura Plus Connection.

• Best technology. TEC0004 - Onyx5 TEC0007 - Onyx7

Onyx7 - £3,750.00

Onyx5 - £3,395.00

ONLY £495.00

TecnoPrint Keep the data! Helps you trace and keep the instruments used during the treatment into the dental practice managament software. Directly connected and managed fromOnyx autoclaves, all key info on sterilization cycle is printed and placed on the poach and scanned in the clinic software. TEC0015

Free3 & Free6 Vasca Ultrasonic Ultrasonic cleaning bath. Allows thorough cleansing of parts which are difficult to reach by manual cleansing, and avoids any risk resulting from unsafe handling of contaminated instruments.

TEC0011 - Free3 TEC0012 - Free6

Free3 - £495.00

Free6 - £795.00


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